Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Wrong Type of Solicitation

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Sexual harassment is a problem few fund raisers discuss openly, but many say it is time to confront the issue
July 12, 2010

By Holly Hall
Four years ago, Judi Taylor Cantor, in charge of planned giving at a New England university, rented a car for what she thought would be an ordinary visit with a longtime donor. The man wanted to add money to a previous gift.
"After lunch we returned to his home, where we discussed the gift contract and he gave me a check," recalls Ms. Cantor, now a fund-raising consultant in Westwood, Mass. Up to that point, "there was nothing unusual about the visit."
But just as she was leaving, she says, "he helped me with my coat and then grabbed my breast and tried to kiss me—very dramatically. I was horrified. He immediately apologized, but I couldn't talk."

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