Arthur Fletcher, the "Father of Affirmative Action"

President John F. Kennedy signed the first Executive
Order on Affirmative Action (10925) in the year 1961

Affirmative action includes women, persons with disabilities and veterans

"Gender" was added to Executive Order in the year 1967.
Below are advocates demonstrating for Women's Rights.
Many times, women's groups did demonstrations
and protest on behalf of the cause.

Demonstrations by student, faculty, and staff 
supporting the University of Michigan decision - 2003


AAAED "Upfront with Jesse Jackson":
Joni Baker, Rev. Jackson, Shirley Wilcher, Marshall Rose, and Carmen Suarez 
discuss affirmative action during the AAAED annual conference in 2009

AAAED Meets with Rep. Charlie Gonzalez
AAAED Board Visit on Capitol Hill - September 16, 2010

AAAED Meets with Department of Labor Staff
AAAED Board Visits with Agency Officials - September 16, 2010

AAAED Meets with Department of Justice Staff
AAAED Board Visits with Agency Officials - September 16, 2010

AAAED Meets with EEOC Chair and Staff
AAAED Board Visits with Agency Officials - September 16, 2010

AAAED Meets with OPM Diversity Chief:
AAAED Former President Gregory Chambers, AAAED Board 
Members Delia Johonson and ReNee Dunman with Veronica Villalobos

AAAED Meets with EEOC Commissioner:
Julia Fuentes and John Gonzalez visit with Commissioner Ishimaru 

AAAED Meets with Federal Employee Organization

AAAED at the White House:
AAAED Former President Gregory Chambers,
 ReNee Dunman, and John Gonzalez

ReNee Dunman of AAAED Meets Celia Muñoz of the White House

AAAED Board Meets with White House and EEOC:
AAAED former President Gregory Chambers, ReNee 
Dunman, and John Gonzalez with the Celia Muñoz

AAAED at the MLK Memorial:
AAAED former President Gregory Chambers 
and Board Member Tammy Currie

AAAED Former President Gregory Chambers at the Supreme Court 

AAAED Former President, Gregory Chambers, Dr. Ben 
Reese of NADOHE, and Mrs. Reese at the Supreme Court

Marilynn Schuyler, AAAED Attorney 
for Fisher Brief at the Supreme Court

AAAED Professional Development Training Institute - October 2011

AAAED PDTI Professor Leslie Solondz
at EEO Law Class Chicago

Sybil Randolph Teaches Affirmative Action Planning and Development

AAAED PDTI Students Listening Intently
 in Affirmative Action Planning Class 

Bob Gregg Teaches EEO Law

AAAED National Annual Conference in Denver - October 2012

Former President Gregory Chambers and Honoree
Tim Wise at the AAAED Award Ceremony

Enjoying A Break

Julia Mendez teaching Affirmative Action Planning for PDTI

AAAED Trainees Listening Attentively to the AA Planning Session


Ohio State of the State Conference Presents the Fred A. Shuttlesworth
Award to AAAED Executive Director, Shirley Wilcher
AAAED Board Meeting - January 2013

Celebrating the Former President, Gregory Chamber's Birthday

ReNee Dunman at the Board Meeting

Karen Stanford at the Board Meeting

Board Members Taking A Break and Checking Emails


AAAED Professional Development Training Institute - March 2013

Georgia Williams teaching Affirmative Action Planning

Classroom Discussion at Georgia State University

Dean Sparlin Speaks At Fisher Workshop

Attendees Listening Intently At the Fisher Workshop

John Quinones Speaks


AAAED Commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

AAAED Former President, Gregory Chambers at the March

AAAED Member Sharron Gatling at the March

Marcher Watching the Event


AAAED National Annual Conference in Nashville, TN - June 2014

**Captions and Photo Descriptions Coming Soon**

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