Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Is EEOC bound by statutory limitations period when making pattern-or-practice claims?

The EEOC continues to aggressively pursue litigation, and when the EEOC files suit, retail employers can expect a costly and protracted legal battle. The agency may not even be limited by the 180-day or 300-day charge-filing period, according to a recent decision from a federal court in Minnesota. 

The EEOC filed a pattern-or-practice lawsuit against PMT Corporation, alleging that the company maintained a hiring system that discriminated against female and older applicants for sales positions. Specifically, the EEOC claimed that of the 70 sales representatives PMT hired between January 1, 2007, and October 27, 2010, none were female or over the age of 40.

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OFCCP announces another proposed rule: no more pay secrecy

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs announced that it will publish its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on "pay transparency" in tomorrow's Federal Register and provided a link to the pre-publication version on its website. This NPRM is in response to Executive Order 13665, which President Obama signed on April 8, amending Executive Order 11246 and prohibiting federal contractors from retaliating against applicants and employees for discussing their compensation.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Obama sets new plan against college assaults

 The Obama administration is launching a big new offensive: Combating sexual assault on college campuses.

On Friday, the White House launches "It's On Us" -- a campaign aimed at tackling the problem plaguing universities across the country.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

University and state to employ higher proportion of people with disabilities

As a new state directive aims to increase the proportion of state employees with disabilities, the University of Minnesota is hoping to do the same.

Gov. Mark Dayton’s executive order issued last month would affect the future of Minnesota’s approximately 40,000 employees by requiring state agencies to design more inclusive recruitment and hiring tools, invest in additional human resources personnel and submit progress reports.

Read more here http://www.mndaily.com/news/metro-state/2014/09/15/university-and-state-employ-higher-proportion-people-disabilities

Parents urged to talk to children about race

An Iowa law professor ended a presentation to Drake University students and faculty with a challenge: Talk to children about racial issues before other influencers get hold of them.

Read more here http://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/2014/09/16/talk-children-race-university-iowa-professor-urges/15703841/

Affirmative Action Revisited

In the aftermath of the civil rights movement of the 1960s, many colleges and universities were under external pressure to admit African-Americans for the first time, or increase their numbers. Many African-Americans of my generation were the beneficiaries of race-conscious decisions, and our numbers, unarguably, contributed to the emergence of a Black professional class in the succeeding decades.

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Study reveals Millennials oppose affirmative action

Millennials may frequently take more liberal stances on issues than their parents, but when it comes to affirmative action, this may not always be the case.

A survey conducted by MTV asked 3,000 Millennials ages 14 to 24 their thoughts on race-related issues, including affirmative action for college acceptance, in May. And what it found was seemingly paradoxical: 90 percent of Millennials surveyed “believe that everyone should be treated the same regardless of race,” yet 88 percent opposed affirmative action.

Thomas Greneker, a senior University of Georgia biology major from Valdosta, said it’s a “tricky debate” because diversity is so important. However, he said he does not think affirmative action is the fairest route to take when creating a diverse community.

“It’s not an equal approach in a push for equality,” Greneker said.

Read more here http://m.redandblack.com/uganews/study-reveals-millennials-oppose-affirmative-action/article_954d2dda-3d06-11e4-a73f-0017a43b2370.html