Tuesday, July 13, 2010

COACHE releases first study of pre-tenure faculty satisfaction by discipline, sex

Harvard Graduate School of Education
COACHE - Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education

A new report by COACHE reveals evidence of major differences in work satisfaction between faculty in different academic areas and between men and women within many of those areas. In surveys of untenured assistant professors at research universities, faculty in the physical sciences and humanities were among those satisfied with more aspects of their work lives, while faculty in education and the visual and performing arts were satisfied with the fewest aspects. In additional analysis, COACHE researchers found that gaps in satisfaction between women and men were most prevalent in the social sciences.
> Click here to download the full announcement [PDF]
> Click here to download the complete report, The Experience of Tenure-Track Faculty at Research Universities: Analysis of COACHE Survey Results by Academic Area and Gender [PDF]


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