Monday, February 14, 2011

White House Proposes Slight Increase for OFCCP in 2012

The budget released by the White House today proposes a budget of $109 million for the Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). In the past year, the agency operated under a continuing resolution although the Department of Labor had requested a budget of $113 million for FY '11. The OFCCP received a 33% budget increase in FY2010 to $105 million, and “embarked on an unprecedented initiative” to hire 213 new compliance officers. The FY2011 budget proposal would have maintained these funding levels: the OFCCP would have received an increase to $113 million (788 full-time equivalents) for FY2011. Receiving $109 million in FY 2012 would effectively constitute a cut of $4 million from the proposed $113 in the past year.

The White House's proposal of an increase of $4 million from the 2010 level does reflect a continuing focus on civil rights and equal employment opportunity enforcement. This is only the first step in the budget process, however. The ultimate size of the OFCCP budget will depend upon the work of a more divided Congress determined to reduce the national budget deficit.

To see the Administration's proposed budget for the Department of Labor, go to:

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