Monday, February 28, 2011

More Collaboration in the Future for Civil Rights Enforcement Agencies

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On February 8, OFCCP, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division hosted a webcast to discuss increased collaboration among their agencies in enforcing federal civil rights laws.
The meeting, which was transmitted to field offices for all three agencies, represents the first time in history that these agencies have met to discuss joint enforcement efforts. Deputy Secretary of Labor Seth Harris moderated a panel with OFCCP Director Patricia Shiu, EEOC Chair Jacqueline Berrien and Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Thomas Perez to discuss opportunities for sustained collaboration moving forward. In addition, opening remarks were offered by Melody Barnes, White House Domestic Policy Council Director and principal advisor to President Obama on civil rights.
Agencies cited ways they will leverage resources and increase their collective ability to hold employers accountable for employment discrimination, including developing joint protocols, sharing information and best practices, and coordinating training and litigation strategies. "We need to start talking to each other, to start sharing information, and to put our egos and turf issues aside to really prioritize what's in the best interests of workers," Director Shiu said.
The agency leaders committed to working more closely together as a joint force to end work place discrimination and advance employment for American workers.

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