Sunday, February 27, 2011

Texas 'White Men' Scholarships a Response to Reverse Discrimination?

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February 26, 2011 09:45 PM EST

Texas white men scholarships are available to those who do not fit into certain prescribed categories or into any targeted ethnic group.
Many say it’s a response similar to the controversial affirmative action laws created for blacks and other minorities. Creators say its creation is only meant to help an unrepresented group.
During Black History Month, it is somewhat of a paradox to have a conversation about whites not being represented in entitlement programs or other programs that provide some form of assistance to a certain group.
Texas 'White Men' Scholarships -- Why was it created?
Caucasian Americans have been part of the so-called majority since the beginning of this country's history. It's been part of the status quo, or the accepted way of things in everyday life.
However, a non-profit group says that Texas white men scholarships are being created for Caucasians who are now in the so-called minority group of American citizens.
Reportedly, a newly-formed not-for-profit group was formed by a student with the help of others who share his stance on the matter of reverse discrimination.

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Comment from "A Higher Primate:"
Traditionally, scholarships have been designated for/allocated to white men. That is why some organizations found the need to establish scholarships for women and then scholarships for minorities and Hispanics. It would be safe to say that "white men scholarships" is an oxymoron for scholarships as "reverse discrimination" is an invalidation of discrimination. There are many, many serious problems in the world today that need to be addressed, and this question is not one of them.

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