Wednesday, February 16, 2011

KPMG: Workforce Diversity for Competitiveness

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February 15, 2011 03:00 PM Eastern Time

HR Summit 2011
“Having a diverse workforce does not just happen; the organisation needs to have a specific strategy and stated goals and metrics. There needs to be strong sponsorship and accountability from senior leadership who are actively engaged in the diversity agenda.”

HR Summit 2011
Gold Coast, Australia, 6 - 8 March

Interview with: Susan Ferrier, Head of People, Performance & Culture, KPMG
In today’s globalised world there is a competitive advantage in being able to put different perspectives on the table, says Susan Ferrier, Head of People, Performance & Culture, at KPMG. A speaker at the marcus evans HR Summit 2011 at the Gold Coast in Australia, 6 - 8 March, Ferrier shares her thoughts on diversity, employee engagement and how Human Resources (HR) directors can capitalise on what motivates their people.
How important is diversity in the workforce and how can organisations capitalise on it?
Susan Ferrier: “In today’s workplace, having a diverse population is incredibly important. The benefits of a diverse workforce include innovation, increased engagement and economic growth. Organisations are often operating in an international or multi-faceted national context, and to service customers well, they need to attract and retain people from the full range of demographic segments. Having a diverse workforce brings a range of useful perspectives to the table and there is a significant competitive advantage if organisations are able to optimise these differences in their people.”

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