Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hillary Clinton rally lacks racial diversity, but not enthusiasm

June 13, 2015
Joy-Ann Reid

Four Freedoms Park in New York’s Roosevelt Island was awash in sunlight Saturday, as a merciful breeze kicked in, looming grey clouds faded away and the sound system set up at the park’s southernmost tip blared repeated rounds of Pharrell, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Hillary Clinton’s first big rally of her 2016 campaign had drawn a large crowd, estimated at 5,500, who were packed into a consolidated area where the bandstand obscured the park’s main feature: a white stone monument to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with his “four freedoms” emblazoned on a bronze plaque. (The island’s other dominant feature, the decrepit and eerie onetime smallpox and typhoid hospital known to islanders as “the ruins”, was well out of camera view.)

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