Saturday, November 6, 2010

University of Arizona Chief Worried About End of Affirmative Action

The Latin American Herald Tribune
By Maria Leon
TUCSON, Arizona
Caracas, Saturday, November 6,2010

The president of the University of Arizona, Robert Shelton, said in an interview with Efe that he is concerned about the effects a newly approved state law will have that puts an end to affirmative action programs.Last Tuesday close to 60 percent of Arizona voters approved Proposition 107 that ends programs favoring women and minority groups in state-funded universities and community colleges.“Proposition 107 is a symbol of the big changes universities face at this time of difficult politics in the state,” Shelton, whose institution had expected the approval and worked to deal with its impact, told Efe. He said that his institution will comply with the new statute, but added that he feels “frustrated” by the false ideas surrounding it.

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