Monday, November 15, 2010

Job Tracker: AFL-CIO publishes data on employers with labor/OFCCP violations

The AFL-CIO's Job Tracker site publishes information about employers who outsource jobs, have OSHA violations or are cited in OFCCP conciliation agreements. In a recent article on the AFL-CIO blog, the union announces the availability of the data base used to report violations:

Job Tracker: Outsourcers Can Run, But Now They Can’t Hide
by Mike Hall, Oct 7, 2010

In the past decade, more than 5 million manufacturing jobs and 850,000 information sector jobs have disappeared—many of which have been shipped overseas. This outsourcing is encouraged by faulty trade and tax policies that corporate executives use to boost record-breaking profits and outrageous and obscene executive salaries.
But finding out specific information on specific companies sending American jobs overseas and devastating their communities has been nearly impossible—until today. The AFL-CIO and Working America’s new Job Tracker database lists information on more than 400,000 corporations that have exported jobs overseas, violated health and safety codes or engaged in discriminatory or other illegal practice. (Check it out at
AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, in a conference call with reporters this morning, said Job Tracker’s searchable by ZIP code and the interactive database gives
everyday people the opportunity to actually see what is happening in their community and shine the light on what corporations are doing. For the first time, working people have one place to see the real impact of the failed policies of the past that gave corporations the ability to ship American jobs overseas.
With this new data as a benchmark, working people will have the ability to separate the economic patriots from the corporate traitors at the ballot box.

Alleged violators are listed by zip code. To see the data service, go to:

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