Thursday, June 13, 2013

EEOC’s strategic enforcement plan: forewarned is forearmed!


Briggs and Morgan
  • USA
  • June 7 2013
    An employer is more likely to deal with a discrimination claim originating from the EEOC than ever encounter a private civil action alleging discrimination.  That is the basic idea behind the establishment of the EEOC:  to provide a government agency as the first step for judging the merits of employment discrimination claims and guiding employers in order to avoid enforcement problems.  The winnowing effect of EEOC enforcement decisions and the preventative impact of EEOC guidance benefit good employers.  But like any institution, the EEOC’s energies and objectives can wax, wane, and refocus.  Given the renewed federal enforcement initiative of the Obama administration’s second term, what is the EEOC’s focus during the next four years?

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