Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Using Worker Focus Groups Carries Risks for Employers

Workforce Management
A labor lawyer warns that focus groups, even when set up by managers with the most noble motives, can easily backfire and expose a company to a litigation nightmare. By Patrick J. Kiger

For years, management gurus have touted employee focus groups as the answer to improving cooperation and communication between workers and managers on issues ranging from downsizing to designing compensation policies.
But the thought of employee focus groups makes Bill Altman cringe. As a labor lawyer with Bingham Farms, Michigan-based Vercruysse Murray & Calzone, Altman has spent the past 15 years counseling companies on how to avoid federal labor law violations and trying to extricate the unlucky ones from complaints filed by union organizers.

Full Story: http://www.workforce.com/archive/feature/legal/using-worker-focus-groups-carries-risks-employers/index.php

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