Monday, October 3, 2016

Students call for action over race climate on campus

Shrouded in the hazy shades of winter, DePaul was only a few weeks into the 2006 school year  when administrators were faced with a racial conundrum. Students were returning to their studies and settling in for the winter quarter in January, and, to bring attention to the DePaul Conservative Alliance (DCA), a new club at the time, members held an affirmative action bake sale in the Student Center.

The bake sale was designed as a metaphor for the perceived unfairness of affirmative action. White and Asian males, who were deemed the top of the racial hierarchy, were required to pay $1 for goods. The price for White and Asian females, the second highest group, was 75 cents. For those at the bottom of the list — which included African American, Hispanics and Native American females — 25 cents was the suggested price, which were marketed at a lower rate to “address affirmative action.”

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