Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wrong People on Trial?

Inside Higher Ed
June 7, 2011

This month, two national television news shows featured college women who had accused other students of rape -- and whose cases, as the women described them, had been swept under the rug by their universities' judicial processes, which they say were biased against them. They said they were smeared at their hearings, re-victimized in a process essentially contrived to get the alleged perpetrator off the hook.
“The entire tone of the hearing was to blame the victim,” the woman from Indiana University said. “The school allowed it, they condoned it; they didn’t do anything to stop it.” The Wake Forest University student said, “Their defense was, 'She forced me to do this.' That I was a whore and I was promiscuous and that I was someone who would want this to happen. I was very intimidated. This was about them, and when it continued to be about me for the next nine hours, I was angry.” A University of the Pacific student said, "So much of what they focused on was not the actual assault. Tons of questions about how much alcohol I was drinking, and a focus on flirting."

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