Monday, June 14, 2010

Breaking! Kagan Memos Reveal Nothing Shocking!

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posted by: Jessica Pieklo 7 hours ago

With confirmation hearings set to begin on June 28, and some 90,000 pages of papers released involving Kagan's work in the law, Senate Republicans are grasping for anything they can to paint Kagan as a leftist ideologue. The problem for those Republicans though is that Kagan is nothing of the sort.What the papers illustrate is Kagan's thinking as a pragmatist and a centrist. Take for example a 1997 memo on an affirmative action case, authored by Kagan when she was a presidential assistant for domestic policy. A New Jersey school district, when given the decision of firing two equally qualified teachers chose to fire the white teacher over the black one and defended the decision based on the grounds that it was part of an overall effort at maintaining diversity in the workplace.

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